Animal Justice Coalition
of South Central Kansas

The Animal Justice Coalition’s mission is to create a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and individuals who advocate for educational opportunities, cohesive investigation/prosecution, and furthering other issues that impact animal neglect and cruelty within our community.



The Animal Justice Coalition began in March of 2011. It was started by a group of concerned law enforcement officers who recognized the need for law enforcement officers, animal control officers, prosecutors, veterinarians, other animal welfare professionals and the citizens of Sedgwick County to come together to combat animal cruelty, neglect, and organized animal fighting. Coalition members meet monthly to discuss training opportunities, current trends, adjudicated cases, and build partnerships so we can better help the animals of Sedgwick County.

The Coalition is made up of representatives from the following agencies:

  • Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office
  • Wichita Police Department
  • Sedgwick County Animal Control
  • Wichita Animal Control
  • Hope in the Valley Equine Rescue and Sanctuary
  • Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office
  • City of Wichita Prosecutor’s Office
  • Sedgwick County Attorney’s Office

    Local veterinarians, other law enforcement agencies & animal control departments in Sedgwick County are also included.

    We recognize the importance of having representatives from all of these agencies because each is able to offer unique perspectives and provide important information on how to streamline the criminal justice system for these types of cases.

    Our primary goal is to provide quality low cost training for those who are involved in investigating cruelty, neglect, or organized fighting cases. We also want to provide educational opportunities for the public so that they are informed about what is happening in their community regarding animal-related cases. Through strong teamwork, proper preparation, training and networking, we hope to make a positive impact for Sedgwick County animals and to ensure that their abusers are prosecuted appropriately.


    Dep. Joe Page taught 135 youth at the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office LAW Camp about responsible pet ownership. He, along with volunteers from the Kansas Humane Society discussed the basic needs all pets must have in order to live productive lives. The Kansas Humane Society volunteers brought therapy dogs for the youth so they could interact with them. Dep. Page provided instruction on animal abuse and neglect and what should be done if it is seen.

    The AJC website is proudly donated in memory of
    Ramona L Goodman,
    a long time Wichita & Sedgwick County resident, whose greatest hope was to see our
    local justice system give animal abuse the attention it deserves.
    Her dream is fulfilled.


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