Animal Justice Coalition
of South Central Kansas

The Animal Justice Coalition’s mission is to create a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and individuals who advocate for educational opportunities, cohesive investigation/prosecution, and furthering other issues that impact animal neglect and cruelty within our community.



Max is doing great! He still won’t take a bit, but does just fine in a rope halter. He’s very spoiled and gets lots of treats. Max and my daughter will be going on his first long trail ride next weekend and we’re very excited. He recently got a new companion and seems to enjoy the company, although he would rather we rode her and let him stay at the barn and eat!! Thank you so much. - Max's New Forever Friend

The AJC website is proudly donated in memory of
Ramona L Goodman,
a long time Wichita & Sedgwick County resident, whose greatest hope was to see our
local justice system give animal abuse the attention it deserves.
Her dream is fulfilled.

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